Zavota's Classroom

Zavota's Classroom


I was Teacher of the Year for NEA Rhode Island

I was a Christa McAuliffe Fellow for Rhode Island

I was a 5th Grade Teacher and am currently teaching 6th Grade

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A Fifty States Zavota Classroom Grade 5 Project

Here are some useful and favorite sites

  • This Day in History Find something interesting to share each day with your classmates
  • Smart Homepage Really neat site with super technology lessons from teachers in Rhode Island
  • Create Your Own Puzzles WOW! Excellent on-line activities to create word puzzles of all types
  • Global School Network What a source for on-going internet projects to get your students involved. (Check mine out!)
  • Aims Foundation Site Another excellent resource for math and science. It features puzzles and neat worksheets
  • The Education Place A Dynamite Site with math, language arts, social studies and science links!!
  • Animated Gif Site What a great site for graphics - all kinds of great pictures!!
  • Rhode Island Teachers Technology Homepage The best technology units ever - check out the UNITS section!
  • Sadlier Math Site Check out the student and parent links for Grade 6 Math

  • Click for East Providence, Rhode Island Forecast

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