Ancient Egypt

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Ancient Egypt Activities

Create your own mummy cases

Create your own cartouche

Create a  hieroglyphics story

Hieroglyphics Chart

Cleopatra Site
Egyptian Timeline Activity Sheet

Make a burial mask - make a piece of poster board into a cylinder.  Cut out semicircles on the bottom of each side so that it will fit over the shoulders.  Cut strips down the top of the cylinder and fold the strips over each other to give a rounded top.  Staple or hot glue everything in place.  Spray paint the mask gold. Using permanent markers, color on the features.

Paper mache mummy cases - Blow up a long balloon.  Cover the balloon with several strips of newspaper soaked in wallpaper paste.  Let dry.  Spray paint gold.  Use permanent markers to color in the features.  Spray with clear sealant.

Create your own god/goddess name him/her write a story  Use hieroglyphics

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